1. New Sleepy Tree video/Homage to horror films/homage to halloween


  2. Hello there!  

    AC Deathstrike has a brand new album out today!  You can download it for free, and you can even buy a physical right there on the band camp!  Technology, amiright?  Anyway, listen to this if you want to have fun or chill out, it’s good for both ends of the spectrum. 

    sincerely yours,

    Alex Dougherty

  3. This is from the other night at the All The Futures vol: 2 release show.  The PA kept popping but this video is full of happy energy so I’m sharing it with the tumblrs.  It’s a piano ballad cover of Blink 182’s “Dammit” and is something that i’ll probably continue to do at every Sleepy Tree show.  I’ve performed it at two shows so far and discovered something that i kind of already knew…Everyone loves “Dammit”.

  4. The new AC Deathstrike album will be out very very very soon, but in the mean time check out a music video I made for one of the new songs!

  5. Haven’t been on here in a while, but now things are back up and running so check out this new thing I did

  6. Amy Poehler dressed as various characters from Upright Citizens Brigade.


  7. I stayed up all night recording these crazy experimental songs that might never be heard by anyone except me, I recorded 22 minutes of craziness in total.  Then at the end of a very long night of craziness, I decided to learn a cover of a song that I’d been wanting to learn/record for a few weeks.  The song is “Your love” by The Outfield, and I hope you enjoy it.  

  8. just got my first tattoo,  I think it looks pretty good!

  9. This song rules, this band rules, this all rules!


  10. Rum and Duck Poetry Night

    A few nights ago I was a part of the Rum and Duck Poetry Night hosted by Charlie Shuck and Andre Gruber.  I read several poems and a short story called Rust’e’Feld out loud on a stage with a microphone to about 40 people and it was the scariest shit ever.  I found myself shaking a few times, and I got some lumps in my throat, but the response from the audience was great and I really want to do it again.  They were genuinely laughing throughout most of Rust’e’Feld, and it felt really great.  After I read Rust’e’Feld I said I wrote a sequel and voices were yelling “READ IT!!!”  but it went so well that I didn’t want ruin it so I decided to just read part one and said “I’ll read part two next time”.  I’m certain there will be a next time and a time after that and after that.  The entire night was great, and I thoroughly enjoyed all of the readers and their poems/limericks/stories.  Then the New Strangers played at the end of the night and it turned into a wonderful slow-dance party.  All in all a great night that I hope to do again very soon!

  11. STEP IN TIME!!!


  12. "I watched six episodes of Parks and Recreation today.
    I regret nothing!"
    — Alex Dougherty
  13. It’s just a Fox and a Hound being best friends for real, no big deal.  Just kidding, I love this so much and want the world to see!


  14. allthefutureszine:

    size siZE SIZE!


    You still have some time to submit an entry to be printed. With you entry, please include, your name (as you wish it to be printed), a website of yours or link to other work, and the title of your entry.

    Our next issue’s theme is SIZE! I’ve been…

    Be a part, submit your art!  

  15. Alia Shawkat and Aubrey Plaza on Getting Doug with High

    It’s a talk show hosted by Doug Benson where he and the guests get really stoned and it’s fascinating to me